10 Must-See New Year Events for the Greek-American Community in Your Area

Between January and February The Hollywood Greek Festival is hosted via St. George Greek Orthodox Church situated at N. th Avenue, Hollywood. The occasion will include genuine Greek foodstuff and desserts, alongside with live music and dancing. The award-winning dance group will also participate in. This once-a-year occasion provides an possibility to study in dancing and also take residence the prime prize via a raffle. It is also a chance to create lasting memories with your youngsters in The Fun Zone. The pageant is the sole location to purchase ouzo daiquiris which is a new invention

. PhiloThought invites you to attend the Annual Young Professionals Vasilopita Brunch. The event, which is a charity fundraiser, will be hosted at Skinos situated in Lower Manhattan on Saturday, January 2. The occasion takes place correct in front the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and National Shrine celebrates the new year. The proceeds from the occasion are donated to PhiloThought to help its programs and the annual award of a scholarship to pupils with monetary hardship. For a discounted registration, signal up online prior to the month of January. Go to https://bitly/GIs. to find out more information. PhiloThought will also be inviting you to attend the Newport Winter Glendi Greek Dance situated in Middletown (Rhode Island)

. UCLA Stavros Niarchos Foundation invites visitors to attend on January 1, 2019 at 5 pm in MacGowan Hall, Los Angeles to have fun an night of Winter Glendi. Live dancing from Norwalk Pontian Society. Norwalk Pontian Society, with accompaniment by Fotia. Admission for adults is $1, and for young ones beneath six years old, it’s only $

. This world premier of “Polymnia” which is an progressive chamber opera that is a pleasure. The story tells of a woman who has to overcome the trauma of warfare and conflict with dedication and then considers the influence her experience has been able to have on the lives of generations. The second efficiency of this construction will take place on the 2nd of January, on Sunday at 5:00 pm. This construction incorporates Sappho’s poems and Kassiane’s songs and the 4 generations of family information oral histories, personal pictures to current Theodosia’s tale of Polymnia her great-grandmother, Polymnia Pappas. Theodosia is a younger girl who’s village was devastated

. The occasion is organized via the Consulate General of Greece Los Angeles. It is made possible by the Stavros N. Niarchos Foundation(SNF)and the National Endowment for the Arts. Roussos will participate in a music composition stimulated in the two the music of her Greek Cypriot American heritage and Byzantine components. Polymnia will be performed in English as good as Greek. The show reflects on the issues that were lost, and what is preserved and the means it could be remembered in light of the Asian Minor disaster. Plain Wood Productions provided this production

. Everyone is invited to attend this annual Vasilopita slicing ceremony by The Pan-Rhodian Society of America Apollon in New York. This will take place following the Divine Liturgy as good as Artoklasia in the Sacred Patriarchal and Stavropegial Orthodox Monastery in the diocese of St. Irene Chrysovalantou on the rd Avenue in Astoria. The occasion will take place from the morning till round 8:00 AM. For more information please contact us through electronic mail at panrhodiansocietyny@gmailcom

. In summation

Polymnia is a musical experience that is influenced by Greek Cypriot American tradition and affect from Byzantine folks music as good as Byzantine it is a charming recall of The Asia Minor Catastrophe’s legacy and its lasting affect it been able to have on our society today. The moving show is made possible simply because of The Stavros Niarchos Foundation and National Endowment for the Arts. The show can also be transmitted to viewers across all over the world thanks to the Consulate General of Greece situated in Los Angeles. Polymnia is a beautiful fusion of language, music and story telling, serves as an inspiring reminder that the diaspora’s loss are not able to be completely forgotten


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