Extending summer time fruits into autumn.

The summer is a good time for growing. It offers unique tastes and treats including fruits, oranges, citrus and melons. Wouldn?t it be wonderful if you could enjoy these delicious fruits well into the autumn and winter months? You can. Listed below are four how to expand summer fruits well to the autumn.

#1 Dehydrate Your Fruit

Dehydrated fresh fruit is great as a treat. You can even include it to things like cereal, breads, muffins, and also sprinkle it on salads. You may make fresh fruit leathers because of this too by pureeing the fruit and then spreading it on a tray to dry. There are three main practices you should use to dehydrate good fresh fruit including:

* Sun Drying ? This is effective if you live in a hot environment where it’s commonly sunny and warmer than 100 levels. Position cleaned, washed fresh fruit on a tray or foil and then leave within the hot sun for four 100 level or hotter days.

* Oven Drying ? Because many fruits just take 16-26 hours to dry, that is a pricey solution to dry fruit. However, if you choose to oven dry you merely spot your oven at 135 degrees Fahrenheit, prop the range door open and let good fresh fruit dry.

* Electric Dehydrating ? this is actually the many energy saving and generally delicious method to dehydrate good fresh fruit. Electric dehydrators can be purchased online or in a kitchen store.

#2 Jams

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